August 7, 2019

The Chiltern Challenge Update

Unfortunately today was not the day to complete the chiltern 100k due to lots of injuries strapping and being highly medicated it was decided to retire at 80k this was a great disappointment to us but our bodies said no due to the intense hills and bad terrain 😩we however will do the last 20k in next day or so to complete our 100k thank you to everyone who has sponsored and supported us xxxx

Maddy, Charley and Karen did approx 135k steps .1600m total elevation in climbs. This was a tremendous effort and we are very grateful for everyones support. 

The 80km marker fundraising for people with learning difficulties

Thanks to everyones support we have raised 38% of our target, so if you haven't already please continue to donating to us  so that we may reach are target.

Our progress reaching our fundrasing target for people with learning difficulties

The walking team will be back in action, when they take on the 100km Thames Path Challenge which they have walked once before last year.

Not long to the fundraising Thames Path Challenge 2019

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