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Support Worker

My name is Paulina. I’m a support worker. I enjoy working at Operation Friendship because there is no better feeling than to be for those who need your support and feeling supported from my colleagues. I also have built great relations with those very special people I look after.

Sara Support Worker


Support Worker

I enjoy working at Operation Friendship  because ,not only does it give me a sense of achievement supporting the 3 adults that live there to fulfill their lives to their full potential and ensuring they live.their best lives with our help, its also being made to feel part of a team, a team that as individuals all have their own unique qualities which when put together makes the team strong and this goes towards ensuring we give the best support to the people we look.after at Operation Friendship, the people we look after also have individual needs, and this too is recognised and provided for by us all. Its a place where you feel appreciated for all that you do and in turn this makes for a happy and positive environment for the people we support to live and flourish.

Shelley Shift leader


Shift Leader

I enjoy working at Operation Friendship because I get to support the guys allowing them to do many different activities

Sophie Support Worker at Operation Friendship


Support Worker

I enjoy working at Operation Friendship because we are always helping the guys to access fun activities and promoting their independence.

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