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What we do

Operation Friendship is a care provider based in South Oxfordshire.
We aim to empower and directly support three disabled young adults living independently in their community.
We believe these young adults to be unique and set out not to limit their potential by planning to build a home and social life via access to any location or venue that is enjoyed by society.

Kind words

Hello, I hope you don’t mind me writing to you all. I have a son who attends Bishospwood School and I see your children at so many events such a music club. They even came to the Bishopswood School Easter egg hunt that I ran yesterday. I have always wanted to tell you all how amazing the staff are with all of your children. They are just wonderful. I worry so much about my son’s future because I see such awful care out there but you have done the absolute best for your children. They are all so well cared for and kept active and amused and always interacted with. I really really hope I manage to get my son such a wonderful adulthood. It worries me so so much. You are all amazing mums because you’ve got it totally right for them!!! I have always wanted to tell you that and just saw your Mother’s Day post on Facebook so I could do!! X

Operation Friendship

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